Our Fleet / 2 Columns

We offer you a super VIP experience in middle of New York.

Party Bus

Aux cord for your playlist on your phone
DVD player for TV
Alpine speaker system
$200/ HourView Details

Hyundai Car

3 Passengers
Refined sophistication
Tri climate controls
Plenty of Leg space
$70/ HourView Details

Horse Carriage

2 Passengers
Dream Come True
Clydesdale Horse
Red velvet interior
Starts at $450/ HourView Details

Chevrolet Suburban Luxury SUV

6 Passengers
Premium and Safe
Separate Climate controls
Leather Seats
$75/ HourView Details

Lincoln Town Car

4 Passengers
Refined sophistication
Dual climate controls
Plenty of Leg space
$65/ HourView Details

Ford E-350 Passenger Van

14 Passengers
Comfort within your Reach
Lots of luggage space if needed
Cold A/C
$75/ HourView Details

Mercedez Sprinter Passenger Van

12-13 Passengers
Large Luggage Capacity
Comfortable seating
Remote control to choose from any color lighting
Call for special rate/ HourView Details

Hummer Stretch Limo

15 Passengers
Rugged Elegance
Custom LED lighting
Incredible audio system with Bluetooth
$175/ HourView Details

We promise, you will have the best experience

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